How To Generate Leads For Your Salon Business?

Every enterprise relies on lead generation to enhance their business, and the hair salon business is no exception. Irrespective of the popularity of your hair salon locally, broadening the customer base and amplifying brand awareness is essential to survive the cut neck competition. 

Online marketing modalities, like search engine optimization, PPC advertising, etc., give several avenues to hair salon owners to win over potential clients and add many new customers to their list. But lead generation is not as easy as it sounds. You need to adopt robust strategies to gain leads through online marketing and translate them into the business. 

This article is focused on lead generation. Here, we have listed out some potent ways to generate leads for your hair salon business. Take a look-

  • Optimize your website 

The power of digital marketing cannot be denied, and creating a website is the first step of marketing your business online. Your website will introduce your business to a broader audience, and hence, it should be nothing short of perfect. 

If you already have a salon website, optimize it to amplify your lead generation opportunities. Right from the layout to the user interface, streamline everything to make your salon website appealing to the classes and the masses. 

Include all the information like your services, email address, phone number, etc., on the website. Also, add user reviews and feedback. Make sure your salon website has a book an appointment section. 

Feature a blog section where you enlighten your audience about your industry. Keep posting relevant and informative blogs weekly.  

  • Customize landing page

Landing pages are important when running ads and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. The traffic generated through paid ads contact you through the landing pages, and so, personalize them as per the customer to keep them hooked. 

Customize the titles, content, and images of your landing pages as per the needs of your different clients. 

  • Word-of-mouth publicity 

Word-of-mouth publicity has been ruling the marketing world for ages, and to date, it is one of the strongest strategies to generate leads for any business. 

Use this old tool with the modern marketing twist to give your salon business the much-needed hype. 

According to some studies, around 72% of people know about anything from their friends and family. Make people speak about your salon business to draw more business. 

In this digital world, it has become easy to make your clients rave about your business. Create strategies to incorporate social proof in your word-of-mouth lead generation plan. Making your client post reviews about their salon experience, creating programs for your current clients and potential clients, creating video testimonials, and taking before and after pictures of your client are some of the viable strategies. 

With this, you will be able to convince the world that your clients trust you and love you. And, when your clients will speak about your hair salon business, others will follow suit. 

  • Social media marketing 

Needless to say, business cards, magazine ads, pamphlets, and billboards are the things of the past. Today, the internet runs the world, and to make your voice heard, you need to be strong in this game. 

Social media is a powerful tool to market anything and everything. And, in this world where 65% of beauty enthusiasts and shoppers are on Facebook and other such social media platforms, why not use it as a tool for lead generation? 

Make a page for your hair salon and keep it updated. Create accounts across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Keep posting blogs, vlogs, and other informative content. Advertise the offers and deals that you are offering at your salon to ensure that the users click on those ads. 

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you the right medium to connect with your audience, and what makes it better is that it offers you several lead generation opportunities. 

Facebook offers a feature known as Facebook Lead Ads. With it, you can catch the lead by letting the audience fill a form known as “Instant Form”. This social media website allows you to track your lead conversion events on your salon website with Facebook pixel. 

Moreover, Facebook ads allow you to target the audience based on their interest and location, making your campaign more precise and fruitful. 

But, instead of blindly running the Facebook ads, apply some filters to reach your target audience. Narrowing down the attributes like psychographics and demographics will take you to your target audience. With this, you will be able to lower the per-click cost, while on the other hand generate good revenue. 

And, don’t forget to add a call-to-action button to direct your leads to your landing page (like with an online form or contact now button). 

  • Google Ads 

Not different from Facebook ads, Google ads need ad copy and target audience, along with keywords. Google Ads or Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that allows you to bid to display advertisements, product listings, service offerings, and videos to the users. Using it, you can place advertisements in results of the search engine, such as Google Search, and even on non-search websites, mobile applications, and videos. You get the services under the pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model. 

Talking about keywords, keywords form the base for search engine optimization and PPC marketing. Keywords relevant to your salon business target the audience looking for similar things on the internet. Strategically select the keywords keeping the demographic and geographic attributes in mind. 

Several marketing solution tools allow you to make ad copy with industry keywords, geography, as well as direct call-to-action. 

  • Form opt-ins 

If lead generation for your hair salon business is in your mind, you can never go wrong with opt-ins. Opt-ins are pieces of content that are used to get the email addresses and sell your services to your potential clients. 

Webinars, eBooks, PDFs, email newsletters, informative guides, free consultation bookings, etc., are forms of opt-ins. By offering valuable content to your client, you enhance their chances of opting in and using your services. 

Moreover, opt-ins help your lead to evaluate your value before they buy your services. By letting them explore everything about you, you get to forge a trust-worthy relationship with them. 

  • Local SEO

Optimizing your salon website and social media pages for Google is a sure-fire way to generate leads for your hair salon business. 

Correct search engine optimization will help you to enhance your visibility, and hence, generating leads. But SEO is strenuous.

Hire an SEO agency to take care of your website search engine optimization. With the use of targeted keywords and metadata keywords, your website will get a higher ranking on the search pages. 

SEO has always helped local businesses to stand tall among their competitors. By appearing on top of the search engine, you gain maximum attention from people looking for related services. 

  • Retargeting and following-up 

Re-targeting is a powerful tool that allows you to keep the customers hooked to your services. After users book an appointment with you, you can get their name email, or phone number. By re-targeting these people on social media, you can compel them to visit your hair salon again. 

You can use two approaches to reinflate their interest in your offerings. You can either entice them with the traditional approach i.e., by offering them hard to resist discounts or treating them online. 

However, make sure you monitor your retargeting process. Do not send them a hundred emails and notifications a day. Doing something like this will pester them, and they may not want to visit your hair salon again. 

These were some potent tools to create leads for your hair salon business. But there are certain other things that you must consider while marketing your hair salon

Let us explore them. 

  • Keep your brand consistent

Once your clients begin to relate with your brand, changing anything about it can play a spoilsport. For instance, any minor change in your brand logo, messaging, content, or tone can take a toll on your business. Your former clients may or may not relate to it. Hence, keep your brand consistent. Tempering your key elements can sometimes change the entire game. 

Stick to your brand values, or else your loyal customers will not recognize you, let alone the new leads.  

Make sure your brand is consistent across the web. Maintain the same tone and message across your website, blogs, social media accounts, and business listings. 

  • Provide value to your customers 

One of the many reasons why many people follow brands is because brands provide value to them. If you wish to stay on the favorite list of your old and new customers, ensure that you offer value to them. You can do it by offering industry knowledge to them. 

Offering the best services to your guests is not enough to generate leads. Serve valuable content on their platter with informative blogs. Consider sharing tips with your followers on social media accounts. 

With this, you will show them that you care about their needs and serve them what they want. Also, it is a great way to validate your products, as well as services. 

  • Determine your target audience 

A strong strategy for lead generation is determining your target audience. Knowing who your audience is will you put you in a better space to define your lead generation strategies and understand the needs of your audience to adjust your future steps and convert leads into customers. 

You should know about their age, gender, income, values, education level, hobbies and interests, spending habits, and pain points. Use this information to form strategies that hit the right chords with your target audience. 

Furthermore, make sure you customize the content as per the platform. 

  • Track the conversions 

Even while you are trying to discover new lead generation tactics, don’t let the old avenues take a backseat. Monitor things, such as phone appointments, website bookings, social media engagement, and live chats to keep a track of the conversions. 

With it, you will know whether or not your lead generation efforts are working. If not, you would be able to spot the loopholes and fix them. 

Monitor your strategies to check who is clicking from email campaigns, social media campaigns, sponsored content, and your blog. Check if the clicks convert to appointment bookings. If yes, amplify the lead generation strategy on that particular platform. 

The bottom line 

Now that yo are aware of the top strategies for lead generation and other related stuff, it is time for you to put your plan into action. Conjugate these strategies with your salon marketing plan to generate new leads at a high pace and convert them into your permanent clients. 

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