Tips For The Best Spa/Salon Website Design

The internet has taken the entire world by storm. As a result, many businesses are making the most of this opportunity by reaching large numbers of people and earning desirable profits. No matter the size of your business, you can take a leap of faith on this platform and expect great success out of it. 

As many offline businesses have started venturing online, it’s time for your spa and salon business to follow this trend. All you are required to do is to build an attractive salon website, and you are good to go. You can reach out to a professional such as a web designer to design your website aptly. 

The importance of building a website:

Having a website or online presence of your business can always work in your favor. This strategy allows you to market your business to the online world. A good website design helps to establish the credibility of your business. Websites feature many elements that may aid your business, accelerate profits and recognition to a greater extent. 

A good website design also gives you a chance to represent yourself well to all your potential or new clients. Thanks to the features such as client testimonials and Google ratings, all your potential customers can have an insight into the services you that you offer. They get to explore everything about your business through a good website design. 

We have listed down some tips that will help you plan your website design so that your spa and beauty business goes live and reaches all your potential customers at large: 

  • Add a visually-pleasing theme: 

The first thing that any visitor will notice on your salon website is the theme. As you are in the beauty business, everything needs to look aesthetically-appealing and visually-pleasing. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the theme of your website. You can choose from several WordPress themes and use the best one to start with.

WordPress is a great platform where you can kickstart developing your website design in the most aesthetic manner. This platform offers some useful WordPress themes using which you can make your site look presentable to one and all.  Some WordPress themes are even free of cost. 

  • Let the layout be simple: 

An aesthetically appealing spa website will attract visitors at large. But what if your website is too complicated for a new client to surf? It is when you should pay attention to the website layout or website design. Do not overload your website with too many features. It will make your site look very complicated, and your potential client might not be able to find the relevant information they are looking for. 

Instead, go with a simple layout. We recommend you take some cues from the WordPress themes and page builder plugins. Both these tools will help you maintain the basic structure of your site. The next feature that you must pay attention to while creating a simple layout for your website is easy navigation. Make sure that all the features of the site are easy to use and your call to action is performed easily by the visitor. 

  • Define your business concept: 

Merely focusing on the aesthetic appeal of your website is not enough. You need to come up with something substantial to define your business concept. It is pivotal to add information about your business. Let there be an ‘About Us’ section that describes who you are and how long your journey has been in the business of spa and beauty. The business concept that you are defining under this section shall be straightforward. 

  • Describe your services: 

A visually-appealing spa website must also describe its services. Your potential clients want to know about what you do or how many services you offer. We advise you to add a service page to your website. This feature will make your website design look more informative. 

List all the services such as kinds of spa, beauty treatments, hair treatments, hair-cuts, etc. Along with adding the kinds of services that you offer; you must as well enlist their prices. You can even list down the service and price in a PDF-format. All the visitors can download such a file and learn about what your salon and spa has on its plate. 

  • Open slots for online booking: 

Another crucial point that you must not miss in your website design is opening the slots for online booking. Why would the visitors want to reserve their bookings over a call when it could be done easily with a single click? Online booking is a hassle-free process, and many people prefer using the same. Make sure to open many slots for online booking

A remarkable advantage of online booking software is that it permits your front desk to engage in networking and intermingling with your customers. This strategy may as well help you generate brilliant business reviews in terms of customer service. 

  • Make way for customer reviews and testimonials: 

If you want to integrate a marketing tool on your website to promote your business efficiently, we suggest you make way for customer reviews and testimonials on your website. Positive feedback from your previous customers is considered the best marketing tool that attracts all the new clients, thereby generating profits. 

Any new visitor on your website would search the testimonial section to read the services and client experiences before booking an appointment with you. Hence, it is needful to reserve a place for customer reviews and testimonials in your website design. For this purpose, you can use tools that permit you to publish the reviews automatically on your site. 

  • Highlight the exclusive offerings and packages: 

Your beauty website shall highlight all your specials – special deals, special offerings, special packages, etc. to draw the attention of visitors to your spa website. Apart from focusing on the visual appeal of your site, we advise you to highlight the special offers from time to time. 

You can add these special offers on the home-page or call-to-action section of the website. If you are extending special offers and packages on multiple services now and then, we recommend building a dedicated page that highlights the same. Keep this page updated from time-to-time. 

  • Make your website mobile-friendly: 

Making your website design mobile-friendly is the need of the hour, and you must not miss it. Almost all the visitors today surf on their smartphones to get leads and insights about a particular service. Hence, enable your web design in such a manner that it helps your visitors view your website not only from the desktop or laptop but from the smartphone as well. 

For this matter, we suggest you focus on the smooth navigation of your website. Easy navigation will allow any visitor to jump directly on the mobile version of your website. Mobile-friendliness of your website will ensure that its online presence is well-maintained.

  • Let the customers reach out to you easily: 

Once your potential or new clients have read all your services, they will look forward to reaching out to you. Hence, you must make contact easy for all your customers. The contact section of your website shall include all the details such as your physical address, email id, contact number, Google Maps, link, etc. 

Feel free to add a dedicated page for contact details on your website. In fact, we suggest you include one or two contact details on every page of your website. The contact information about your beauty salon and spa should be displayed on the header. You may as well add some social media plugins on the contact page so that any visitor may check your social media handles by clicking on such buttons. 

  • Add Gift Cards to your salon website: 

Gift cards happen to be an excellent asset, especially for all the online platforms that want to generate their profits in large numbers. Selling gift cards online on your salon website would help you generate more revenue, thereby serving you an opportunity to invite new clients and to retain the old ones. Adding gift cards to your salon website will never let you fall short of traffic. You can also combine these gift cards with other promotions to engage more profit on your site.  

  • Add relevant photos: 

Maintaining a gallery is one of the vital parts of building a website. Since you are in a spa and beauty business, it is needful to add appealing photos – the photos that define your business. Along with adding the photos of the multitude of services that you offer, add the photos of the interiors and exteriors of your salon. It will help your clients identify your whereabouts. Moreover, a cozy interior design of your salon and spa will prompt them to book an appointment with you at once. 

For all the hair salons, uploading a before-after photo of your previous customers on the website is also a good idea. 

  • Include information about the staff: 

Spa and salon are businesses where all the clients interact directly with the staff members. It is usually done to enquire about the services offered by them or to know about their expertise in imparting a particular type of service. Hence, it will be a good idea if your website dedicates a page for the introduction of all the staff to your potential customers. 

This element will help you add a personal touch to your website. The details such as qualification, expertise, the specialty of all the staff members will also make it easy for your new clients to book their session with a particular person. 

  • Connect your website with social media: 

While building a website for your salon and spa, you must connect it with all the social media platforms as well. It is one of the finest social marketing tools that will help you promote your spa website. Using this strategy, you will also be able to reach out to the clients at large. 

Once you have integrated your website with the social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. keep all the platforms active and engage with your potential clients by using attractive posts, pictures, and other relevant stuff. Connecting your website with social media platforms is everything you need to boost your business. 

  • Add your business listings with Google: 

For every website, the role of SEO or search engine optimization is extremely important. A proper SEO helps to raise the ranking or rating of a website on significant search engines such as Google. You can add relevant information about your salon or spa to all the search engines such as Google and others. Include the needful details such as the address of your website, contact information, working hours, and others. The assistance of a web designer shall help you in backing your website with a strong SEO. 

  • Introduce blogs to your website

Another way of making your website design more attractive and engaging for old and new clients is to introduce blogs to your website. According to statistics, adding blogs to your website can boost its conversion rate by huge numbers. Consequently, your website generates enough traffic. 

Write some website-related blogs such as beauty tips, home remedies, blogs related to spa and salon. You can also add user experience to assure people of your expertise in this beauty business. Get help from the content writer to develop some engaging and unique content for your website. The content should create a bond between the customer and the seller. 

  • Keep your website updated: 

Merely building a good-looking and informative website is not enough. You need to keep it updated from time to time to improve its presence on the internet. The role of any website is to establish and build a lasting brand. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that your website always feels current to visitors. If the customers think they are looking at the old site, they would not want to visit it again. If you don’t update your website timely, it would also affect its listing or ranking on the search engines. 

You can keep changing the WordPress themewebsite template, fonts, and colors of the website design. You can add more eye-catching pictures and engaging content. Update the offers timely. Do everything to create the best impression of your website on all your target audience. 


Building a salon or spa website is the best thing that you can do to accelerate your business. The internet has made this world a small place to live in. A good website design can help you reach people at large. Moreover, the increase in the competition pool of website designers and developers in the market can open a whole avenue of options in choices and costs for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap of faith and get started to enjoy the live beauty of your website and take your spa to the next level, trust us, nothing will be more relaxing. 

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